This story began when KSB SupremeServ in Thomson, GA, was awarded the contract for a boiler upgrade project that included two new HGC 5/6 pumps and a spare pump replacement and upgrade. The work involves replacing outdated pumps and provide upgraded performance and instrumentation in a critical plant that produces pharmaceutical-grade paper.

Due to the critical nature of the plant, pump installations will be taking place over four weeks. A KSB team in Frankenthal Germany assisted in putting together the right hydraulic package. It assisted in getting the pumps shipped from Germany expeditiously to meet the need of this critical outage. A cross-team engineering effort is helping to deliver on-site support for the commissioning.
Pictured below is the leveling out of the pump base. Leveling of the base is an extremely slow process where a skilled hand is required to get the pads equally level and requires a finger touch and a great amount of patience.