KSB SupremeServ

By Standard Alloys


Single-Source Solution Provider

KSB SupremeServ By Standard Alloys is a full-service solution provider offering replacement parts, repair and complete pump assemblies, and provides services and manufacturing across the KSB SupremeServ network in North America.


Uniquely designed for small/rapid production

  • 300 different alloys
  • FE/Copper/Al/Ni/Cobalt
  • 120 # melt
  • RCT machine
  • WPS & HT

Reverse Engineering

Proven processes and procedures

  • Nothing is ever obsolete
  • Metallurgical Upgrades
  • Eliminate design flaws of the OEM

Custom Hydraulic Solutions

  • In-house CFD
  • Eliminate Cavitation
  • Optimize capacity with available HP
  • Low flow impeller designs
  • Ultimate solution to couple with the SES tool


Drop-in replacements

Current standards with old footprint

  •  API Upgrades
  • Seal chamber
  • Shaft stiffness
  • Nozzle loading
  • Hydraulic Re-rate
  • MAWP Upgrades


We pour over 300 Alloys

Our foundry is designed for maximum flexibility to support our customer’s changing needs. We are equipped to pour ferrous, non-ferrous, nickel base and cobalt base alloys. Our in house engineering staff can assist you with upgrading the materials of construction to enhance your equipment reliability.